Gelato Ice Cream Machine – 1.5 Litre Per Cycle

Specifications: GMS0005

Dimensions: 435 × 570 × 515mm
Weight: 50kg
Production Per Cycle: 1.5Lt
Production Per Hour: 6Lt
Power: 0.7kW – 230 Volt 50 Hz

Specifications: GMS0010

Dimensions: 435 × 570 × 515mm
Weight: 55kg
Production Per Cycle: 2Lt
Production Per Hour: 10Lt
Power: 1.1kW – 230 Volt 50 Hz


  • Beautiful exterior design. Rounded corners for better safety at work
  • Long-duration stirrer with rasp blade in polyethylene. All parts in contacts with the mix or ice-cream are in stainless steel and in nontoxic material; all are easily accessible and removable for cleaning
  • Cleanliness and hygiene assured thanks to the wash water discharge located directly on the ice-cream production vat
  • Control panel with timer and reset allows the user to set the agitator speed and the ideal density of the batch in relation to the type of mix
  • Double cover for adding ingredients while the mixer is working
  • Micro magnetic device for stopping the mixer before opening the cover
  • The vertically installed creaming tank facilitates inspection of the mix during the creaming process

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