Tunnel Dish Washer – Dihr


Dimensions: 1080×715×1535/1900mm
Weight: 210kg (gross weight)
Total Power: 23kW
Basket Size: 70/100
- Wash and rinse economizer
- Pressure reducer with filters and water
spending control
- Counter balanced doors equipped with
anti-fall safety device and thermoacoustic
- Insulated double wall
- Balancing springs with seat on the
internal side of the door to avoid


  • Ax161 is a compact model that means that its reduced dimensions can solve many space problems
  • It is reversible, so in a few minutes you can change the entry of the machine
  • It has a standard electric board
  • Digital thermostat that allows a precise setting of the heating element to avoid any waste or warm dispersion
  • Auto timer
  • Self-diagnose in different languages
  • AX161 has double speed

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